LOTRO: Wiping up bogeys in Moria!

22 Jul

Not having the best weekend in LOTRO due to RW interference but did manage to clean up a few missed areas…


Problems in the Water Works – sorted…

What other kind are there?

What other kind are there?

Reminds me I must find a Fungus the Bogeyman book for my kids, Nr1 will love it, his finger never leaves his proboscis!

In and around the 21st Hall – sorted (although I think I may have missed a riddle…?)

Dolven View Legendary Item instances: (Tsukuld can complete Training Hall and Mithril Slaves with one hand behind his back and a blindfold on. Did them again this weekend on one leg!)

Instance: The Morroval-outcasts

Instance: The Ghost-forge

Instance: The Library of Steel


Instance: The Spider-nest


This one can be fun…I actually forgot about the queen that appears when all Dwarves have been rescued…erm will try that for more of a challenge…

Did them all with no problem at all. (Maps needed?)

Then wandered off into Zelem-melek and ended up in Redhorn Lodes again, time to push on I think…

Oh at lv62 Tsukuld is finding the going rather too easy…

This morning toasted spiders and fungal orks with ease, dinged lv63 and have basic fire tree pretty much complete, time to start hybridisation…

Tsukuld the Bogeyman coming soon…





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