LOTRO: Surreal Goblin Horde

14 Aug

Goblin Horde

Still no computer to play LOTRO!

So been messing around with Alice in Wonderland (LOTRO post planned…yet to be penned) which led me to Max Ernst, one of my favorite Surrealist painters…

La Horde (1927) a great example of one of his Grottage paintings

Grottage is Frottage with paint
Textural rubbings
Played with

The result in ‘La Horde’ has been described as a demonic army on the march.

I like to see it as Tolkien’s goblin horde

The same as a ork horde.

A horde of orks on forks….



One Response to “LOTRO: Surreal Goblin Horde”

  1. tsuhelm August 15, 2014 at 14:52 #

    Unconsciously or subconsciously is the question? The latter I suspect is correct as painting while unconscious is tricky me thinks….

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