LOTRO: Original Gangster

19 Aug


‘Upon initial contact with LOTRO
I had envisioned it to be an ill mannered and psychologically
Unstable game with an extremely uneducated and barbaric frame rate
Gameplay displayed nothing but ridiculous jargon
Shocking sexual audacity and repulsive images of Middle Earth

However, after further analysis of the game I can deduce
That it is the epitome of antidisestablishmentarianism
Which embodies the entire spectrum of the LOTR experience and struggle
But to make things more plain and simple to the laymen
I find LOTRO to be the dopest, flyist, O.G. pimp hustler, gangster player
Hardcore motherfucker MMO, available today
To be honest, I’m totally and completely on it’s dick!’

Ice T – ‘First Impression’ – LOTRO’d

I am happy to say that this will be the last for now of my silly LOTRO themed pictures as my wife and I are happy to share the glad news that our computer is now functional again, LOTRO has been reinstalled (Over 12 hours to download!). Not so happy to share the fact I now have to put up with Windows 8!

But I took the computer for a spin this morning before work and it had no issues at all running Tsukuld through the Epic Volume II, Book 4: Fire and Water, Chapter 7: The Drowned Treasury instance…(Comp was crashing here before it was fixed!)

So expect more normal yet still strange LOTRO postings soon, er like tomorrow time permitting 🙂

Happy to be back…Lets get Tsukuld outta Moria!

The original LOTRO gangster…er…later punks!




2 Responses to “LOTRO: Original Gangster”

  1. NaktiesKarys August 21, 2014 at 04:04 #

    Congratulations with PC back from dead (I suspect you had some IT-Minstrel nearby…).Hope to meet you somewhere in Middle Earth.
    Should you need aid of lvl.74 (yes, so far with xp-disabler) Minstrel or lvl.100 Champion – just tell me 🙂

    • tsuhelm August 21, 2014 at 09:39 #

      Yeah the mini fixed it (eventually!), maybe bump into you this weekend will you be on your way to France by then?

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