LOTRO: Harajuku!

21 Aug


All that Asian talk in my last post reminded me of my ’15 seconds of fashion fame’…


I was sitting supping beer in Cinemateket: Det Danske Filminstitut (Copenhagen) when a very well dressed and stunningly attractive young lady approached me… turns out she was a fashion journalist and she said that I reminded her of her own Harajuku fashion article she had just published…small talk ensued about Japan, which we had both recently visited but I was thankful when her ‘interview(date?)’ called her away after she started talking in what to my ears sounded like perfect Japanese and all I could contribute was talk of the Sega-world, beer and gaming!

What I was wearing that day: Shoes: Etnies; Trousers: Green camouflage combat trousers; Top: Red torn off manga t layered over a Mads Nørgaard long sleeve.

Well that was that…back to LOTRO…



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