LOTRO: Korean & Japanese; Drowned Treasury

21 Aug

Tsukuld wrapped up the Drowned Treasury (At LAST!)

I didn’t get stuck for an hour like some, I simply had no computer to play on!

Here is my minimalized/simplified map… maybe that makes it more complicated…


Drowned Treasuryannotated

Follow this link to see a German group exploring the Drowned Treasury:


upbeat to begin with but this small under level group gets eaten by the Watcher in the end…

My lv65 RK (solo, so with inspiration as well!) ate the watcher raw, like something outta old boy!



Did you know that Once upon a time there was a Korean LOTRO?

Lord of the rings online kr

I checked it out:

Korea LOTRO shut

It was shut in May 3, 2010 or that’s what it says above according to Google translate…

…although I quite like that they think it was TOAST!

Did find out that:

반지의 제왕 = Lord of the Rings

And in Japan they may still be playing, presumably the English language version as I found this great map on LOTRO wiki…JAPAN!


here is the frontpage of the wiki:


jplotrowiki fp

水浸しの宝物庫 = Lit. ‘Waterlogged treasury!’

水中の監視者 = Lit. ‘Observer in the water!’

So to bring this Asian flavoured LOTRO blog to a close I would like to say HELLO…


which is quite normal for me as

I wanna be sedated



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