LOTRO: Jimmy Riddle

2 Sep

Another Riddle! 

So what is Jimmy’s Riddle…aha.. nothing to do with Jimmy or James it is Cockney Rhyming slang for going for a ‘piddle‘…need I explain more?

Carita's well-LOTRO

Caritasbrønden (Caritas Well) – Statius Otto, commissioned by Christian IV in 1608

Quincy Hunt took this photo…nice travel guides

It was at some point raised high and ‘corked’ so the Victorian era Danes would not be offended by such obscenity!

The water floweth once more…and given its generous nature not only does it piddle it ‘lactates’!

But it gets better: For the Queen’s birthday they gold plate balls and throw em in to the fountain!

Read a certain way this could be a very barbaric and painful tradition…

So Tsukuld has finally escaped Moria and has started to explore Lothlórien…its all a bit green at the moment as I over leveled big time in Moria!

It also means that I was able to put the last riddle to bed…

Falgeirr Twisttongue – that playful Dwarf left quite a trail…

Riddles in the Library

A Riddle in an Old City

Riddles in the Stone

Riddles in the Flames


Riddles in the Doors

Riddles in the Walls

Riddles in the Tomb

Riddles in the Sunshine


Find papers in the library!


I can sizzle like bacon; I am made with an egg,
I have plenty of backbone, but lack a good leg,
I peel layers like onions, but still remain whole,
I can be long, like a flag-pole, yet fit in small holes.
What am I?


At night, I come without being fetched.
By day, though lost, I am not gone.
All know me, but only the ocean heeds my call.


Weight in my belly,
Trees are my back,
Nails in my ribs,
Feet do I lack.


I turn around once,
What is out will not get in.
Around once more,
What is in will not get out.


Dwarf walketh over,
Dwarf walketh under,
In time of war,
Dwarf burneth asunder.


A room in shadows with no door
No wood or tile make up my floor
Nature’s art my columns carved
In my belly bears have starved

Step far down and water face
Right foot follow and road trace
Sunsetward and great rocks paired:
Twisttongue for his family cared.



To become Twist-tongued

You noticed there are two ‘4’s…yeah I cannot explain that! Another riddle maybe.

Not to spoil things too much but I have added some extra clues in order:

Not the past participle Franglais for the end
Pulp drained pressed and dried
And that is not a monkey inside

Knighted shape with half name a gone

Cow noise


“Ey K” a Posh OK!

Bride of a ridge
Big Red

In the end, as in the beginning…
Or the end of the beginning of the end
Once more unto the breach
Not the past participle Franglais for the end
Fancied A: hollow place naturally enough underground

So time to go for a Jimmy Riddle…all tongue tied and twisted

This is the end …really of Moria.


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