LOTRO: Moria Departed… At Last!

9 Sep

Back to LOTRO: Some screenshots…

bridge from the other side

Tsukuld makes 1 last trip to that bridge

Balrog has wings

‘Please explain the white cursor pointing at the Balrog’s crotch!’

Oh my a Balrog…and Gandalf but it is just a faded memory of the events that passed.

Bye bye

Tsukuld waves goodbye (he will of course be back for some deeds left uncompleted and a number of instances!)


The LAST RIDDLE…dont forget to read the plaque as you shoot past in your rush to get outside again…I did and had to come back to find it afterwards.

spat out

Yes Tsukuld was spat out that mouth from Moria!

Its green

Lothlorien… very pretty and GREEN!

2  is a crowd

A fellow Family member also enjoying the fresh air…

Eh up lad ur outta library

Ok so back to Rivendell to have a chat with Elrond…OMG not in the library! Spoiled as in the end you have to go back and finish speaking to him …yes you guessed it in the Library!

If there was a LOTR CLUEDO  game I would guess Elrond was done-in, in the library, with all the weapons, by all the characters of the fellowship…it is just so annoying to keep going back there…

SO out of Moria and life in LOTRO is getting good again although at this moment in time I am collecting ores in Angmar as I want to get Tsukuld collecting ore nodes as he levels…


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