LOTRO: Crannog’s Challanges = Love In Angmar!

11 Sep


Tsukuld fell for Chenan, after he bumped into her in Aughaire’s Market Square, despite her shifty action of glancing from over her shoulders, he could not resist her charms.

So Runekeeper falls for Pole Turner, who would have guessed it! I just hope the romance doesn’t die too quickly as Tsukuld is busy running through Crannog’s Challanges, he is already a ‘FEM’!

Crannog's Challenges

BLUE=Quest GREEN=optional

About half way through the 5 challenges when he was dizzied by the spinning Chenam, Tsukuld hopes to wrap up Angmar this weekend as well as harvest enough Ancient Ore to level his prospecting skill!

Although he never expected to be prospecting for love in this dark place…


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