LOTRO: In-congruent Residential Zoning!

24 Sep

Tsukuld is still trying to wrap up Angmar, it just goes on and on…

Well now he found Carn Dûm and getting there was illuminating…(remember all mobs are greyed out, TURBINE knows why…I don’t!)

Hinbar – Angmarim faithful controlled…the bad guys…

U lost mate2

And Urugarth has more Trolls, Orcs and Champions…



new horse open pass

‘Rhunendin is one such town, guarding the western approach to the Witch Kings former capital of Carn dum. The Angmarim remain faithful to their banished lord, and serve his steward, Mordirith, called the false king by the Hill-men who dwell in Angmar. Rhunendin is a mighty bastion against those who would overthrow Angmar once more…’

Get to Carn Dûm and find a friendly settlement Tármunn Súrsa…


So basically 2 gates marked with the Eye of Sauron and controlled by Morthrâng, protect this little hamlet… WTF…Oh yeah go and visit your friends, peace be with you waves the nasty hooded geezer below!

Friendly chaps in Angmar, never trust a book by its cover…even if they emanate evil!


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