LOTRO: Angmar ‘Llamekcuf’

7 Oct

BAck to angmar!

Another poor weekend for LOTRO…

Started well enough in that I woke up, got Tsukuld out of Angmar, moved him to Lothlorien, completed a couple of quests outstanding to find rest sealed as my VIP status had finally expired!

So hopped back to Bree to do some crafting, Tsukuld raised his prospecting skill (on all that ancient iron ore, the main reason I went to Angmar!) and he can now harvest Khazad ore so can now collect resources while levelling again!

Kids up and eldest insists on playing his games…

Saturday morning gone…

Sunday morning back to Lothlorien… So I asked kinnies for directions of how to get to Mirkwood, hopped back to Lothlorien, eventually managed to get myself to the docks to Mirkwood (I swam most of the way down the Celebrant!)

Here to find I could not get on board without speaking to an NPC first, fortunately not too far away!

Then the kids got up and decided they preferred taking Tsukuld swimming again.

Weekend wrapped

Monday morning…

I forgot to set my 1st work alarm (better described as a LOTRO alarm as it gives me about an hour of LOTRO before I have to leave!), so I had only enough time to grab my hobbit presents…

SO what to do next…

While checking out screenshots I realized that I still had messages of Carn Dum in my bag, am I really gonna go back to Angmar?

Probably! Need the space!

I was looking for my Carn Dum Instance Screenies from 2 weeks ago… maybe on the guest log in! Indeed found, only a couple usable! Thanks to Nakts in advance 🙂

Clutterealloren lm Golodir n stormystormy helpehwaht...that woamn did what!  horse on a hill

I should say bye to a Pole Turner and have some unfinished business with a Troll in Urugarth while there…then Into Mirkwood!

Not to be confused with Under Milk Wood…listen to part 1: here

Play by Welsh poet and writer Dylan Thomas:

“The sloeback, slow, black, crowblack, fishingboat bobbing sea…”

Based In the village of Llameggub

Terry Pratchett wrote about Llamedos

And now I say Llamekcuf…being half Welsh no offence is meant!

Welsh Dragon

Tsukuld is on his way back to wrap up Angmar (again!) and then Into Mirkwood!

But first I must find some time to play!

Back to Angmar I

Back to Angmar II

Back to Angmar III


I wish I had a time machine…

3 Responses to “LOTRO: Angmar ‘Llamekcuf’”

  1. Pasduil October 7, 2014 at 18:24 #

    You have earned great admiration as a man who has a LOTRO alarm every morning.

    • tsuhelm October 8, 2014 at 07:05 #

      Getting harder to get up and play at the moment…must be getting old!


  1. LOTRO: SUMO? | tsuhelm - October 10, 2014

    […] entered Milk wood…er sorry Mirkwood […]

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