LOTRO: Ork Log Blok’d Blog

24 Oct

Tsuhelm a LOTRO BLOK!

Having a really frustrating week in RW (work), RW (health) and RW(life well wife!), and that is feeding back into my motivation to play LOTRO…

The fall festival is falling and as I love the haunted burrow it is sucking up the LOTRO time I do get…

And that is dripping down into my blog….which has become a bit blocked…

I have tried throwing chemicals and hot water at the problem…caffeine in hot coffee!

I have used brute force… but only hurt my head.

Now I am just writing…. hope that it doesn’t just add to the blockage!


Ork bloking my blog
A bloke blogging from York (not as yet…)
Maybe the ork blocked the bog with a log!
Must flog that ork who left log
Whats this, a fog?
Cant tell a frog from a log let alone an ork from a fork.
Lest the ork test my jest…
Zesty pork talk clogging my blog

Still blork’in mad…

Got a Blork’d blog?
Who you gonna call?

Spiderpig lotro

The weekend is almost here… I obviously need it!

So hope to get some good LOTRO gaming in, aim to earn lots of TP, Ilcaptanotsu to wrap up Bree and head off to Ered Luin with my archer multibox, Marimere, in tow…why?…why not!

Have a great weekend fellow bloggers, be careful out there and don’t let the orks log your blog!


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