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LOTRO: Saw On Bloggers!

27 Oct

the sauron

The Sauron

Has ring attachments for extra power…although the model lost 1 digit when the most powerful ‘ONE RING’ was lost…

During extended use, and even when left dormant for hundreds of years, the central ‘eye’ may start to flame and exert control over dark forces…

Please do not leave



…It will only become more powerful!

Well this stupidity was inspired by The Guardian Article on great villains in literature article:

Nabbed the picture from this TOOLSTOP (UK) website so if you do decide that you want your own Sauron (Bosch GKS190 190mm Hand Held Circular Saw … 240V (AC)) …to saw on and on… a snap for £115.95…go to the following link:

LOTRO: Time 4 Penguins…

27 Oct

I love lotro..pingo watch

Another penguin:


‘Death and the Penguin’ by Andrey Kurkov,

I thoroughly enjoyed it…here is a review from the NYT: here

The Reviewer, Ken Kalfus, ends with, ‘…whose absurdities are meant to provoke Kurkov’s readers to strive for something beyond mere endurance.’

Well due to lack of TIME my endurance has been stretched the whole weekend, I have not been able to play much LOTRO at all, when I have been able to log on I have been distracted and unproductive…

My plan was to wrap Ered Luin with Cappy and linked Hunter, I didn’t even wrap up the 1 quest ‘Tour of Bree’ with either of them!

I will be trying again tomorrow morning, may even set my alarm clock earlier than normal…

…set to 3 penguin and a half!