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LOTRO: Care Beornings!

30 Oct

Care_Bears_LOTRO 15

LOTRO has reached out and introduced a new RACE/Class in the Beorning, its an obvious land grab of juvenile gamers of a scale not seen since WOW stole the Kung Fu Panda demographic…

Full details will obviously be made known next week but some kind of new armour system is being rolled out where the bonus is illustrated on the beorning’s tummy…the heart sign is surely extra MORALE and the four leaf clover indicates a FATE boost, the other illustrated above are not so obvious.

So old timer LOTRO players please be nice to the huge increase of younger new players…global chat will never be the same again!

To maximize exposure a care bear flavoured Lord of the Rings film is also being released:

A riot of colour is coming to LOTRO gaming soon, enjoy 🙂

(Top secret talks for the incorporation of My Little Pony are still ongoing, but don’t tell anyone I told you so!)