LOTRO: Ursa Major

5 Nov

Ursa major

So its the 5th of November…I remembered…

Bonfire Night in Britain…fireworks and burning effigies of Guy Fawkes

UPDATE 15 has arrived and finally an in game pic from TURBINE


Uninspiring to the max 😦

Installation hic-ups aside, and there have been few of those of late thankfully, tonight in this land far away from incendiary madness, I hope to be able to enjoy an updated LOTRO. I am looking forward to the patch notes and am hoping for some updates that will better my LOTRO experience…of late I find my time in game less and less enjoyable…I have simply lost the ‘fire’…


Boo! -Tsuhelm having some fun on Windfola…not cashing in tokens!

The Fall festival ended with none of my characters bothering to cash in the fall tokens…

Tsukuld my RK is waiting to experience Mirkwood…

I have a cappy and hunter about to start dwarf bandit butchery in the port of Kheledûl…(TP run for Tsukuld…)

So I wont be getting a beorning just yet…1000Tp needed.

Ursa major will just have to wait until I have finished playing my RK…

But I did learn 1 fact today that may actually be useful in RW:


How to find the north star…by following the line that bisects Ursa major, and ergo how to identify the Ursa minor constellation; The North star is the end of the handle of the little pan…er little bear!


2 Responses to “LOTRO: Ursa Major”

  1. catchersrule November 5, 2014 at 19:50 #

    Ahh, finally. Gondor. I’m not too thrilled about the Beorning business, though I know they existed by then… lol my own level 92 RK is the highest I’ve got and is at Glittering Caves by now. I definitely get you about the dissatisfaction with in-game time. I’ve had several conversations lately about the problems they’re clearly having making a story that as you go further into it gets rough and which just passes through some areas – re: Rohan – be both interesting and playable. Btw, said RK was the only one of my characters this year to cash in harvest fest tokens (he needed a new cloak).

    • tsuhelm November 6, 2014 at 07:02 #

      Thx fellow RK’er 🙂

      My biggest problem I suppose with LOTRO play at the moment is actually of my own making in that I due to RW (wife, sons and job) I can only play late or early and although in a great kin I keep missing most of the kin activities… after that the ‘fire’ that motivates each morning to progress ‘solo’ ever onward into the digiME is at an all time low… having no other digital distractions I am sure it will be rekindled soon 🙂

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