LOTRO: Who let the BEARS out?

7 Nov

LOTRO UPDATE 15 has arrived and a few had some difficulties updating but other than that nothing has really changed…

I have had minimal LOTRO time this week, enough for hobbit presents basically so here is some YOUTUBE video madness…of course being UPDATE 15 themed all featuring bears…

MUSE uprising – the bears r coming!

Hopefully the Beornings do not cause too much damage…

Jungle Book – The Bare Necessities – Balu the bear

Beorning gear is hot stuff in game…

Legendary Kung Fu fighter

So WOW is not the only games with bear action! Beorning legendaries…(TURBINE please fix LI’s soon!)

Kon from Bleach

We need some funny LOTRO beorning moments please…


I dont play SWTOR they have bears as well?

Tetsuo’s Nightmare…AKIRA

Lets hope LOTRO does not become a nightmare to play!


One Response to “LOTRO: Who let the BEARS out?”

  1. catchersrule November 9, 2014 at 02:09 #

    rofl, too late, Tsu. At least on Landroval there are more Beornings than a person can count, and the puns are flying all over world chat. I’m thankful my dwarf RK is out in West Gondor where there are very few of them (physically at least, lol). Will have to see what Arkenstone and Laurelin are like.

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