LOTRO: Game Issues Again…

19 Nov

Oh that’s good 🙂

Lots of issues since Update 15, servers have been down a few times I think and several log-in issues have been experienced…game is supposedly laggier than normal as well…

And me?

Due to time differences between US and Argentina my normal routine has been thrown a little as I used to get up, start LOTRO, log in, make coffee(or tea), get dressed and collect Hobbit Presents for all servers that I have chars on…

Silverlode, Windfola, Landy, Laurelin, and end on Withy…

Not playing with my RK at the moment I would switch to my cappy and then load up my huntress (another account so yet another Hobbit Pressy).

At the moment I need to dress (Oh no! No more NAKED LOTRO!), make drink and then play until 5am when hobbit presents become available… and at the moment I am getting up late but before 5 so I cant see the point of playing before collecting presents… 😦

So little LOTRO play, roll on long weekend (Monday off -thanks Argentina :)) so hopefully the servers are OK and I can get some good LOTRO’ing in!


2 Responses to “LOTRO: Game Issues Again…”

  1. Adrian November 19, 2014 at 22:16 #

    I lost it at naked LOTRO. Thank goodness the office is empty right now! Need to wipe the coffee off my monitor..

    Aside, I am really curious as to what is causing all these log-in issues so soon after Update 15. Hoping for the best, because its a 24 hour problem. 12 hours ago at my prime time I was experiencing the issue, and it’s still under investigation now. Fingers crossed.

    • tsuhelm November 20, 2014 at 08:55 #

      Sorry about that naked truth…although to be technically accurate I would start out naked and end dressed…

      I have yet to experience issues…hoping for a good issue free weekend 🙂

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