LOTRO: Barrow Downs

2 Dec


Started with a quick warm up jog through Taradan’s Tomb…another 15/20 broodhunters slain…about 250 to go!

Then a run to Northern Barrow and down to the path to the Old Forest…NPC’s here have a small bonfire and they give quests for Northern Barrow downs…

Since I started the computer had been growling and slow…really think that it will break soon…cannot select NPC’s its that that slow, eventually manage to get all the quests here for Cappy and Huntress.

Quick run back to Barrow Downs, Northern Barrow first, find Lalia…oh what fun … eventually she decides to get out of the Barrow Downs for us…she has happily gone back to her original position for any other adventurers…silly girl!

Then back past Taradans and down to Dead Spire, then…er time for work…

Will continue tomorrow…


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