LOTRO: Fish Fingers…

5 Dec

LOTRO,fish fingers

Pic stolen from: http://alison-staples.blogspot.com.ar/2011/11/great-fish-finger-sandwich-debate.html

What do you have on your fish finger sandwich? (Yes, yes! I know what goes into them, I do not want to think about it!)

From my impoverished studentdom I grew fond of the butter, mashed fish finger and ketchup filling,  one housemate included jam, not sure if raspberry or strawberry, but was well red and disgusting! Bread was not important in those days…cheapest, white, sliced we could get! Had to save our pennies for the next pint of beer!

Jamie Oliver even condones the use of the old smelly fish digits…in a buttie!

But a Dr.Who fanatic friend on FB sent me this combination: FISH FINGERS AND CUSTARD

I was particularly struck by the line: ‘You’re Scottish…Fry something…!’

The Scots will batter n fry anything:

The deep-fried delicacy has been a Scottish favourite since it first appeared in Aberdeenshire in the 1990s. Since then chippies across the country have received off requests for deep-fried treats such as ice-cream and bananas




And while we are talking FOOD and FISH…the BRITS are weird (Oh you knew that…) they are also weird when it comes to food (Okay I agree with 3 n 5 but duh! I am a Brit!)

Brits wont eat it!

A Nation of Fish-Phobics 

So what has this got to do with LOTRO?

Er well the Mother-in-law is still on my sofa and have again not been able to play…This weekend I hope she can be convinced to depart, I may even get up and play LOTRO to try speed things along…

Fish fingers to be purchased, locally known as ‘Bastones de pescado’, same crap different name…

Rik Mayall just jumped into my head…OW!…can imagine him screaming B’stard as he smashes fish fingers to pieces…

AND related BOTTOM vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20USnuEiMFo

I am looking forward to em, my wife will probably be hating me for days…unless they help scare off her Mum 🙂


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