LOTRO: Humbug!

12 Dec


Oh F***! its Xmas again!

Humbug that I am!

The Guardian had a nice piece on Dickens’ Christmas Carol in 2009: HERE

In a world of Capitalism gone mad (and then some) that we all live, work and play in…another Xmas period has arrived …that means summertime for me…pool as yet not cleaned… 😦

Incredibly enough for my sons they are allowed to celebrate it by their school (unlike Halloween!); raving looney catholic school, which the kids will not be going to next year! So silly when Father Christmas and Xmas are the most pagan of traditions co-opted by Christians (I am not trying to be critical to any faith…I am most tolerant except when it is being forced upon me or others!)

Not so much as FORBES tried to tell us that Romans stole the day from Christians

Er but…so that period has been celebrated by many cultures for a VERY long time, if we co-opt it as a time to be good to one another I will be happy enough!

So whatever your faith or culture

LOTRO (please feel free to replace with MMO of your choice here) on peoples 🙂

Gotta love how some others obviously love it!

Thinking Play’s Round Up Bloggy Christmas


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