LOTRO: Mirkwood Yules!

24 Dec


Haunted Inn  

So Finally able to continue onward into Mirkwood after getting to grips with my little RK’s skill rotations, and it was not really necessary as at lv70 am a little OP for the sparsely mobbed mirkwood…after the initial introduction I was expecting a little bit more action but Tsukuld is now wandering through the aftermath of the battle, burnt out fortifications and camps…weak survivors and the such.

Eventually arrive at the Haunted Inn and off we go again, seek, explore, do and return… 2 or 3 times in each area (dead village, spider den, woods and merrevail infested ruins)…nothing spectacular…

ScreenShot00008 ScreenShot00010ScreenShot00013


Those female Merrevail are control freaks!


Then completed some more EPIC


I suppose in the context of the Epic story of getting Mazog to the exchange for prisoners held… I don’t really get the logic behind the exchange from Saurons side..surely his leaders would be expendable!  During one silly instance where the free running arms bound Mazog gets to pass step by step through a swamp in which Raddir dies in a cliché, “Oh I bet we have a traitor moment!”... and an even more stupid race through the swamp at the end …you have to get to destination before Mazog…I was distracted, away from the computer arguing with my son when Mazog ran off and I still got to the end before him!

At the haunted inn you get to do the Strike Against Dannenglor skirmish which was tricky in its newness but all fell before me except one encounter with a flaming elite which was too much for my flaming RK to handle…

And afterwards sent scouting in Chapter 6: The Choice of Ways

Emyn Lûm and Ost Galadh

Tsukuld  arrived at Emyn Lûm and Ost Galadh 

and was planning to continue onwards but got distracted completing all the quests…Oh well…

Still encountering no troubling mobs… and for some reason I decided it was time to change out one of his Legendary runestones…it has been maxed for some time, as is his satchel but its replacement is still some way off being leveled enough to replace it! So starting the process by collecting all the LI scrolls in my vault that I had been collecting for this moment and oh wow yet another disappointment of the LI system…my scrolls were too low a level to be added to my lv65 second age replacements! Really WTF! What is the point of removing the skills if at some point it will be necessary to level the skills on another LI to be added to a higher level legendary…

OK so needed some Legacy upgrades…bought some empowerment scrolls in skirmish camp…no more marks, used shards and now almost no more shards…so used some of the 100’s of LI tokens in my wallet to get more relics…bought stacks of fused copper relics, deconstructed, combined 250 t1 relics…to 80 t2 relics to 40 t3 relics etc etc…ended up with 3 t9 relics and I think I had 1 remaining already…luckily 1 was for will and the other fortune…:)

Next I removed the equipped relics from my old LI, oh another 2 t9 will and fortune, who is complaining, t6 deflection, and a crafted fate relic for an additional 20 fate, could just afford to buy a fate legacy with shards to change out one of the duff silver legacies on my new 2nd age…and hey preasto Tsukuld has some new rocks to bang! Hot stuff…will be missing my essence of flame legacy though! Have started grinding a new one (boosted to lv57 with xp rune from deconstructing my old LI!) so soon will have it back 🙂

No damage type, so hopped to Moria and did all the LI quests at Dolven View for scroll of Dwarven Damage among others (was all very simple at lv70, ignored strategies,  just rushed in and killed everything!)

BUT what a DRAG!




Time to try out the new Legendary Second Age Lv65, will be needing more marks soon so did some skirmishes… TUCKY my old fav…yeah well OK.  Nothing too special! So did TUCKY runs with 100% mark scroll used free from hobbit present methinks,  and now another  Strike Against Dannenglor, easy and helps with the merrevail slayer deed.

Then back to Mirkwood proper, all the way back at the beachhead (I had forgotten to save at a waypoint in Mirkwood!) found 2 more quests to be done! Left them and instead headed off to:

Yule Festival


My first time here and as always it is so confusing to begin with…

Too much to do and do not know how to do it!

I spent half an hour running around getting my bearings, at this stage you cannot join in the festivities until you have done the silly intro quest, that done I started taking all quests as encountered, there are a lot and the NPC’s with gold rings get a wee bit confusing. I managed to work out 2 or three of the quests but have yet to work out a daily routine as I have in other festivals… watch this space I will share but until then these guides were useful:





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