9 Jan


Whether the BUZZ generated has a negative or positive spin is as yet unknown…?

LOTRO PLAYERS reported that ‘a number of servers to close‘, SERVER MERGERS are coming, Vyvyanne has suggested that some kind of FREE server transfer system will be in place beforehand and that no FORCED transfers will take place. I think inevitably some players will be forced to leave some servers, which is regretful.

Talk of MERGING SERVERS is a hugely negative subject in the MMO gaming zone because of the perceived dying nature of associated game…but rather than taking a negative view a more positive standpoint could be taken in that to get LOTRO back on its feet it really needs to consolidate its player base onto a more healthy playing field.

Where LESS is MORE


Fusion (also called synthesis) is the process of combining two or more distinct entities into a new whole.

Fusion power is the energy generated by nuclear fusion processes. In fusion reactions, two light atomic nuclei fuse to form a heavier nucleus (in contrast with fission power). In doing so they release a comparatively large amount of energy arising from the binding energy due to the strong nuclear force that is manifested as an increase in temperature of the reactants. Fusion power is a primary area of research in plasma physics.

Fusion of deuterium with tritium creating helium-4, freeing a neutron, and releasing 17.59 MeV of energy, as an appropriate amount of mass changing forms to appear as the kinetic energy of the products, in agreement with kinetic E = Δmc2, where Δm is the change in rest mass of particles.

ASIDE: LOCKHEED-MARTIN claim they are a fey years from creating functioning FUSION GENERATORS! This VIDEO explains it: its mentioned that heat exchangers are used instead of TURBINEs…

Some servers will go…some servers will grow…

As BRAX on LP and other in the Forums had suggested it now looks like we will be able to freely choose where we want to move our characters…so we can choose which servers to place them onto…which is good.

On withy I will obviously follow my Kin to its new home if needed…Landy and Laurie are surely safe…leaving my Silverlode which I dont really ever play and Tsuhelm on Windy… which I will move almost anywhere as required.

It will not be a painless experience but I think for the good of the game it needs to be done. I just hope the backlash of negativity is not too great and LOTRO can ride out the changes well!

‘You feel pain
You feel pleasure
Tend to stray from decision
Get your way, get your focus
Move ahead, take some measures
Start by present fire
And eternal heat
Fusion and pressing
Elemental state
Start by present fire
And eternal heat
Fusion and pressing
Elemental state
Take now the final steps
Reach out, take effect
Clear way for your path
Give thanks to what you have’

PRONG – ‘Eternal Heat’



2 Responses to “LOTRO: FUSION”

  1. taltoz January 10, 2015 at 12:12 #

    The possibility of server mergers I feel is the only way to go, Withy isn’t one of the smaller servers but at times is still a ghost town. The injection of more players will breath life into a struggling community. My only fears as a kin leader it the ability to keep all the family together and the possible loss of players identity if they are forced to change their characters names.
    Hell there is even the chance that we may have to change the kinship’s name because I have noticed that ever since we were nominated for the Dragonslayer’s award wanna be kins have emerged on other servers.

    • tsuhelm January 11, 2015 at 05:36 #

      Right on Talt 🙂 I can imagine the headache and heartache it entails but I am pretty confindent you guys (Da Leadership) will sort it out as bump free as poss:)

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