12 Jan


‘And there’s a light on, heavy glow’

Red Hot Chilli Peppers – ‘By The Way’

Tsukuld has cleared up some more of Mirkwood (and is still wrapping up Yule Festival!)

This weekend Tsukuld cleared up the DROWNHOLT area, at lv73 now it was a breeze!

Lotro-wiki used for Quest titles: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Drownholt

A Smoking Fire entailed branch collection. What! It can be done again!

Luminous Poisons induced sickle fly slayer memories.

Wetlands of Southern Mirkwood were explored and water sample madness was the nature of the game.

Stalked by Shadows, where bog pussies were slaughtered leading to Terror of the Drownholt, Mirefang the beast was slain!

The Mysterious Affliction led to The Search for a Remedy and the discovery of The Malice of the Lights*.

The Glowering Trees of the Drownholt needed Nifdir to be found. Sent onwards to the The Writhing Glade, (go north then west to get south!) and then A Gift of Gold was required so a small trip back to Cerin Amroth in Lothlórien, and by planting his golden seed Tsukuld suceeded in Rending the Shadows of Sâd Meryrn.

wrapped up with a EPIC quest, Vol. 2, Book 9 — Chapter 5: Treacherous Lights, where 2 lost brothers Rósar  and Stígur Greyhammer are found …no small effort was expanded in ensure their safety…well you dont!

Gathbúrz next! And the Orcs are green so I expect a challenge!

Oh I missed out the Scuttledells

*The lights in question were the above GIF’ed Bog-Lights: these impart: Drowsiness You feel sleepy as your strength is slowly drained from you, Lethargy The air seems heavier here, and you feel a strange lethargy creep over you, Sap Power Drains 93 Power over 3 seconds, AND Blinding Glare The sharp claws impairs your vision, increasing the miss chance of attacks…

So please after using the BOG please turn off the LIGHTS!


One Response to “LOTRO: BOG LIGHT”

  1. gloredh January 12, 2015 at 16:02 #

    sssss do not follow the lightsss preciousss! XD

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