LOTRO: Tsu’s Yule Festival Guide

13 Jan


Just in time I have managed to find time to put together my YULE GUIDE! OK it is the last day but I will eat Tsukuld’s virtual hat if the 2015 Yule guide is much changed from this one…

So in the beginning you need to get to Frostbluff (Winter Home or as I call it, winter wonderland!), you can use the stable (seasonal only) in Bree, Thorins Hall or Michel Delving or use a Yule festival travel scroll. Once there you need to do the introductory quest which is very straight forward. The Yule Celebration of Winter-Home

Now you are ready to do the Yule festivities: to earn TP to BARTER for rewards and/or to earn XP to level characters…

This year Tsukuld was the only one who did most of the quests each day, my other alts on Withy also did the minimun required to get the daily sack of presents… I also did this super fast on Tsuhelm on Windfola, Tsudyrt on Landy and Opopa on Laury.


Each Day Mara Sandydowns will give out a Sack of Presents (also 2 tokens and some XP :)) The Quest is automatically granted when you enter Winter Wonderland, or upon login if you are there already! This year there were some great gifts, although I mainly won Marks. I was hoping for a Hobby Horse…I didn’t get one this year 😦



Run to Basil Wyndham (sitting down on steps in main party area)…run up steps until end and turn right to find big oven and 3 large wooden kegs of beer, get close and click on a keg to pick it up…run back the way you came but check in case a WATCHER is there (or approaching) other wise run to the messy table and jump up and over the wall to the left to land facing the drunk on top of a keg who is needing a refill, DONE…run back to Basil to complete the quest and be rewarded with XP and 4 tokens, now run back to Mara Sandydowns (hobbit in festive red near the bonfire at the northern entrance)



And some diverse Keg running shots:

ScreenShot00009 ScreenShot00084 ScreenShot00094 ScreenShot00096 ScreenShot00100 ScreenShot00104 ScreenShot00105 ScreenShot00107 ScreenShot00108


Opopa forget to deliver the keg of beer…or did he?


FIREWORKS is the next quickest quest to do, when I have done the keg run but for whatever reason missed the daily present I relogged and did this. Gareth Rust sends you off to distract wealthy party goers with fireworks so you can pick their pockets…oddly not very YULE!

ScreenShot00067 ScreenShot00068

MOVING ON BEGGARS is also quite heart wrenching but quite quick to do, basically after talking to Guard Kember you must tell the Beggars to ‘Move on’…

ScreenShot00065 ScreenShot00064 ScreenShot00087 ScreenShot00062 ScreenShot00063

TIDYING UP is also fairly simple, you have to tidy up the mess that the eating contest is creating; DIRTY DISHES, LIQUID SPILLS, and REEKING GARBAGE, 3 of each can be found at, on or around each TABLE, Basil (of KEG fame) is responsible for this task.

ScreenShot00074 ScreenShot00076

The final relatively quick quest is the EATING CHALLANGE(s), but it can be frustrating, even waiting for the restart cooldown can be too much at times! Ona Kay will tell you to start and you get to eat 5 items from the table, each item takes a different time to eat. Berries fast, Mushrooms slightly less fast and Eggs manageable, avoid bread and pies…and grab the mystery drink when you can…after completing a table collect reward BUT dont stop YET! Jump on a mount to the next table and you get to do it again and again and again and AGAIN! 5 tables to be consumed…Do not be surprised if status effects start to blur the monitor as there is a downside to such binge eating. Tsukuld found that table 2 sometimes didn’t refresh with fast foods but other than that this was a good way of getting quite a lot of tokens 🙂


Tsukuld is still pretty new to Theater life and only managed to join in once, but if you have friends and an active kinship can be a very good yule quest to do.




The rest of the Yule quests all fit in quite nicely together:

Next to Basil is Mabel, she offers 2 quests; one Stuffing the Stuffed, which requires you to make Bread (next to Kegs), pick up Eggs (er from chickens!), Pick Berries and Mushrooms;

ScreenShot00078 ScreenShot00130 ScreenShot00142 ScreenShot00146

…and the other is Unwilling Firewood where you kill grumpy wood trolls for firewood!


On the way you can build a snowman, there are 5 different types to build, each requiring various items to be found. The broken snowman needs just a piece of coal (next to the kegs) and some sticks (near snowmen).

ScreenShot00090ScreenShot00037 mitt dest

Daley Utteridge, close to Mr Mischief(Gareth Rust), sends you out Cold as Ice, to kill 4 Wintery Weather elementals… look VERY similar to the cosmetic pet GRIMS…


Guard Kembar not only doesn’t like Beggars but he also has a thing about annoying Abominable Snowmen…so you get to wake up (by cheering!) and move on yetis as well! I realized near the end of the festival that you can mash the cheer and complete the quest straight away!



 Snowball fight: Not done as yet!






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