LOTRO: General Tímurzgrat too tough for RK!

19 Jan

Continuing my OP tour of Mirkwood, Tsukuld was taking Thangúlhad quests 1 batch at a time…

Orc shocked!


Symbols of Conquest: banners to be found…confused at first as I didn’t realize that some of them were hidden away at the top of platforms… Orcs and Wargs killed all around…


Death from Below:…indeed…with my two dwarf chums we dealt it out to all n sundry!


The death dealer Tímurzgrat!

Commander Athdurub was gone but General Tímurzgrat whole other kettle of fish! Spiky bugger kept killing me…over and over and over…even went away from game and came back later to try again!

Now in the old days I would have stuck it out and not progressed until I passed this guy, even if it meant retreating and grinding up a few levels…but am so OP otherwise this was not really an option… quests like this when they appear are the bugbears of such an old game as LOTRO… sometimes(ever!) it is not possible to get an on level fellowship together so calling in a friend is overkill which really removes the challenge…once upon a time this quest would have been fun but nowadays it becomes tedious and frustrating but also surrounded by such EAZE it become plain incongruous!

I managed to fit in 30 mins extra LOTRO in the afternoon and rather than try kill the sod I did a quick skirm: Strike Against Dannenglor…nice n easy! How can a lv73 skirm in the same area be easier than a small fellowship quest at lv65?


Back to General Thingy-me-jig! And Dead again…even after a short but good nights rest, still cannot find a way through this guy solo with my RK (I suspect that is the major issue here as I have read online of Wardens, Champs and Captains solo’ing him on level!)

So time to take advantage of outside help…SOS sent via kinchat and first come first served (well hand taken…) and Ethaliond turns up with his Warden and makes short work of the poor General…moves on and kills a super elite Troll… admits he struggled on level to solo this guy so OK. I suspect he did not struggle at all… and I am 8 levels over on level… 😦

So get to back to Thangúlhad, hand in quests and take new quests…


Now troll threesome to endure: Folkár, Durflágit and Trínash to be defeated (one of them I saw squashed earlier but of course it doesn’t count!)

Get an invite to the Great Stairs


6 kinnies …fun run…missed 1 boss Nardûr the Shield…10 mins time limit ran out getting to him 😦

(people used to solo this …wonder what level I could…with an RK???? Bearing in mind I cannot even take down the general in Mirkwood!)

Fun but confusing…I want more strategy in group play…not just pile in and destroy…which works and is amusing but better communication and well-timed skill use would somehow be more rewarding and being able to see all the action would be great, not just one big scrum of action with multiply special effects going off simultaneously!

Need to do it a few times more to complete DEEDS…so maybe It will get less confusing…

Back to Ost Galadh for Vault and shared inventory, also picked up some quests to be done in the Scuttledells:

So off to Scuttledells

My biggest fear was getting lost but I found it not that tricky at all, I was expecting something worse than ‘Old Forest.’ My main complaint with the area was the dull palette the whole area has been sprayed in! Dull dull dull!

The Hunt for Gollum: …and still looking…

Silken Strands (Mirkwood): all spiders in Scuttle drop these and there are quite a few…so will hand in tonight before repeating tomorrow 🙂

EPIC: Chapter 6:The Choice of Ways: Scouting the Scuttledells…I think…I need to check as I can’t remember reading any quests from NPC’s pertaining to this…


Found 3 elf NPCs camped out for yet more quests:

Black Venom I: black poison glands only from cave dwelling spiders the outside version must have a different hue as none dropped from them…

Entangled Elves: actually last to complete…silly elves…thousands of years old and still getting caught in spiders webs like flies!

Innocence in Peril: little hobbit lost presumed dead… torn n bloodied backpack…uh oh never been here before… c’mon the watcher can take a dwarf in front of you and he turns up alive…this hobbit is surely ok!

Black Wings: kill crows…’not a winter is coming’ reference…but a simple task of blowing away crows…easy peasy!

Whence the Dead: look glowing stones…better have a look-see…engraved as well…

Wiki says only Black Dogs patrol around these parts but plenty of Crows and Spiders too!

Also lots of squirrels…they shouldn’t pose too much of a risk…at least I hope not to have to call in more reinforcements for them…


3 Responses to “LOTRO: General Tímurzgrat too tough for RK!”

  1. Silverangel January 20, 2015 at 05:54 #

    I couldn’t do Death From Below with my Runekeeper. LM and Guard were a good challenge, and Warden was easy mode, but not RK. Grats!

    • tsuhelm January 20, 2015 at 07:55 #

      Wow I am amazed..Tsukuld did good 🙂 THX 🙂 (Although I suspect you were closer to on level(65) where Tsukuld is 7 levels above!)


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    […] the troll threesome was endured: Folkár, Durflágit and Trínash were defeated and with the help of Dr.Quinn it was not that tricky at […]

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