LOTRO: Skirmy Do!

23 Jan


Tsukuld continues his Mirkwood adventures today as yesterday just playing around, again it took 3 attempts to get Attack from Below done…and again Strike against Dannenglor was ran super fast, except for that ancient encounter with: Seregruin who killed my poor little RK 5 times…although nearly took him out as well once!

The skirmishes that I have run the most often are:

Tucky (Trouble in Tuckborough) – is free to all and I lost count of how many times I have done this, helps with SHIRE Mathom rep and Shire slayer deeds as well (but not slugs, spiders  or flies!)

The Siege of Gondamon (FREE) is the only real non attack skirm I have done repeatedly, and mainly in groups when it can get quite tricky! It rewards ERED LUIN Thorins Hall rep.

Attack at Dawn has been run plenty of times, mainly while exploring North downs as it helps with Orc slayer deed and rewards with NORTH DOWNS Rangers of Esteldin rep.

Stand at Amon Sûl is also OK as it rewards LONE LAND Eglain rep.

Strike Against Dannenglor is the new super quick skirm I am doing of late (unlocked with Mirkwood expansion) and it gives a MIRKWOOD Malledhrim rep reward and I have had quite a few nice LI rune rewards too!

SO this weekend I hope to wrap up another area of MIRKWOOD and do as much skirmishing as I can… will also be on the look out for some more MORIA group instances with kinnies if available 🙂



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