LOTRO: Trolls, Elves & Banners all going DOWN!

26 Jan

Tsukuld traveled through thick thin terrain to Thangúlhad twas time to totally trash three trolls, takes two to tango, three to tap, toe to toe to toe, though tough, triumphant, tables turned, tea time!

ScreenShot00001 ScreenShot00005ScreenShot00010

So the troll threesome was endured: Folkár, Durflágit and Trínash were defeated and with the help of Dr.Quinn it was not that tricky at all.

Tsukuld crushed the CRUSHING FORCE!

So back to Haunted Inn, time to continue the Epic Quest:

EPIC: Volume II, Book 9: Fortress of the Nazgûl


The Choice of Ways

Oh lord I thought I had done these… So back to Scouting Emyn Lûm to hide behind stones and listen in on 2 orc guards (no killing!), Scouting the Scuttledells (Oh great back again, picked up silken strands quest for another 40k LI xp) more venom samples needed, Scouting Taur Morvith , aha not been here before…(more quests opened up to be done) but for sure Tsukuld assessed the camps and rescued yet another elf in the wrong place…wise folk these elves?

TAUR MORVITH: Iavassúl’s Watch


A Banner Day: more banners to be destroyed, King of the Hill: place a banner and defend it…do NOT leave the vicinity…I jumped off the battlements for fun and had to redo!

A Poke in the Eye: kill scouts, A Head Shorter: kill lieutenants and The Barbed Lash: kill the leader.

Dogs of War: collect doggie collars!


The Narrow Way: rescue elf’s sister…

Tsukuld didn’t struggle but was getting to the point of wondering if would ever finish and be able to get back to the EPIC quests…

Back to the Haunted Inn

Chapter 7: On Edge: calm down little elves…just calm down!

Chapter 8: Mazog in the Web: let us run Mazog through the Scuttledells….what could go wrong? Well what a surprise…more spiders…and not only does 1 elf get bitten but Mazog himself…what no poison resist orc?

Chapter 9: Coursing Venom: Sent off back to collect venom sacs in Scuttledells…what really! AGAIN! Oh and a flower….


And afterwards to create the antidote you must head up into the sky, my 4 year old son made me proud when he spotted the ramp to start the climb!



Must get to the other side for Master Ascender Deed!

(It reminded me that I can get a deed here. And boy do I want to get there: TweakLOTRO Master Ascender Deed)

Chapter 10: The Exchange



Broin saves the day! Twice! Another elf bites the dust…can someone please explain how these elves ever get to be 5000 years old?

Chapter 11: The Approach to Dol Guldur: Oh yeah back to Thangúlhad…

Chapter 12: The Armies of Gathbúrz: So what a surprise Tsukuld took all the repeatable quests except the Attack from below…

Badges of Dishonour (repeatable)… Sign of the Malledhrim Scouting in Force, Symbols of Conquest: banners, they put them up and I burn em down, An Eye on the Enemy and finally Scouting in Force. Of course rescued that silly elf in An Ally in Need, still being bothered by those 2 wargs!

Killed the commanders and found the battle plans…

I think finally moving on in Mirkwood, Tsukuld now at lv74 finds it very GREY…


but was cheered to bump into Marthona…


A family member in Mirkwood, lv100 catching up on Epic quests…strange to see anyone here let alone someone I know.

And to wrap up a long weekend some fun in the Shire with more kinnies:

ScreenShot00024 ScreenShot00021 ScreenShot00022 ScreenShot00017



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