LOTRO: A Deed Needed is a Deed Indeed!

5 Feb

Tsukuld is still getting ready to set off to East Rohan, I want to raise some of my traits so I will need to complete some deeds…



Meta-deed not done…Old Forest to be explored and Barrow downs slayer deeds left unfinished, all of this is pretty unforgivable…




Well it was Tsukulds starting area, am actually missing Meta-deed and Rath Teraig exploration…also SARNUR deeds to be done…good for Thorin’s Hall rep items 🙂 (new min lv of 35 to use)



Done all except Meta-deed due to irritating pie delivery deed!



Lots to do here and now I can wrap up the half completed EPIC Vol1 Bk2 The Red Maid as well!



OOPS…only a couple of exploration deeds to be done!



or EVERSWIM! Tsukuld has only popped in to visit, will need to show restraint when coming back to slay and explore…must ignore quests…ok may do the EPIC…or more likely leave for later…



Another area Tsukuld basically skipped through, some good EPIC quests to do… must chase down Gollum as well!



Lots to wrap up here…but most of quests done, may say hi to pole turner



Tsukuld half-heartedly explored the Misty Mountains, shouldn’t take too long to wrap it all up, even the EPIC Vol1 Bk5 The Last Refuge




Passed through to get to Moria…time to go back me thinks…


moriaupper moriacentral morialower moria

It never ever ever ends…as Tsukuld is always popping back here on the whim of all and sundry will leave these to get completed as they get completed as they surely will. May wrap up any EPIC quests as I find them…


Both areas need to be ‘purchased’, I will do this as soon as I can, well maybe soon with all the TP flowing in while wrapping up these deeds!


I have but have not explored.



Bits n bobs left undone, but all fresh i my head and to be honest need a change so will be back here towards the end of my ‘Deed’ endeavor!


Tsukuld spent 45 minutes juggling tailor recipes and diverse other alt crafting mats… Have now about 10 diverse recipes (better than the 1 yesterday!) but only 2 light armour 😦

This is not such an auspicious start of the deed bonanza… luckily I have a week off work coming up, so barring any mishaps I am looking forward to a very profitable vacation in Middle Earth, with the tantalizing prospect of Rohan just over the horizon…



4 Responses to “LOTRO: A Deed Needed is a Deed Indeed!”

  1. tomeoric February 5, 2015 at 14:07 #

    That’s a lot of deedling to do. Don’t forget your slayer deed accelerators! I think you can still get one for free today – Slayer Deed Accelerator (60 min) x1 — Code PRMQR

    • tsuhelm February 5, 2015 at 14:15 #

      Got it and used it but I have a few more floating around 🙂 I will be needing them…I do not think I will manage to do all of these deeds but I will do as many as I can…

      • NaktiesKarys February 8, 2015 at 09:09 #

        My minstrel (parked in Rohan) possibly needs some Mirkwood slaying – sorcerers and something more. Should you wish, we could cooperate one day.


  1. LOTRO: MisDeeds 1 | tsuhelm - February 25, 2015

    […] …and instead of heading of for mounted combat I chose to use my extended LOTRO time each morning during my 11 day vacation (that was the plan that didn’t really get realized!) to wrap up some older areas I had neglected…or at least try to get some of the deeds done. […]

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