6 Feb

500+ blogs done and dusted…

Time to look back and see what madness I have been pumping out…

So keeping the same format as last year but not the name because the previous blog title was even too obscure for myself, took me quite a few moments before I realized what I was doing…equivalent for this blog would be: Zinc hound red bog tarts!



LOTRO: Captain Tsudryt’s response to Captain Class Changes 599
Rutting in LOTRO 423
LOTRO: Fined Seven For Being Cosmetically Free 294
Reputation for Rangers of Esteldin! How? 257
LOTRO: Rune-Keeper=Pikachu! 228
LOTRO: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. 176
LOTRO: VIP 4 FREE…yes 3 VIP… I AM! 162
LOTRO: Tree in full HD! 146
LOTRO: VIP TP Grind Prep 145
LOTRO: VIP free for 14 days…offer running for 28 days 136
The man behind the tsuhelm 126
Beer in LOTRO – Barley, Hops, Yeast and Water needed. 121

My main page gets most of the hits.
So Captains Tsudryt’s opinions still matter…
Rutting in LOTRO from a long long time ago is still relevant as many do rut in LOTRO
Fined seven… was a cosmetic giveaway I messed up but it has links to many cosmetic blogs which give it a constant feed of cosmetic lotro fans.
Rep for Esteldin: we all want it…still!
Rune keeper=Pikachu, my lightning rots before going FIRE lol, now considering going back!
Good, the bad and Ugly as applied to LOTRO but A GREAT movie.
VIP 4 Free (and VIP free for 14 days…), I took up turbines offer to go VIP and forgot to unselect for nearly half a year!
Tree in HD, Helm’s Deep arrived and a LOTR excerpt.
VIP TP…is my old TP grind checklist…
The man behind the tsuhelm still gets a look…I suppose its that mattress balancing act pic that does it!
And finally beer…more people should have a look at my beer post, I dig its embedded interactive excel element! (Even more creative stuff here: Mordor Brewery: Evil Beer Company)


Drink BEER! Drink more BEER! Drink ‘More Door’s Beer!


And look COMBINED Europe is still beating America…



Click on it to read…but lots of nice flags 🙂

worldthen n now

…the world is pretty much the same shape then!

So many pics to feature this year they get there own post 🙂

Gallery of Tsu’s mad LOTRO pics

500 posts has flown by and lets see what the next year holds for Tsuhelm as hopefully he flees the evil clutches of Argentinian life and heads back to ‘civilization‘ anywhere else…


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