LOTRO: Misdeed 2, Colourful Bush!

26 Feb


Tsukuld continued his deeds in Evendim which today included hiding in a multicoloured berry bush, come on LOTRO that should be a deed that awards the title, Bush Hider and reward 10TP. Okay back to reality, wrapped up Salamander slaughter, they got a good zapping.


Hopped back to Tinnudir, actually swift travel available from my VIP days which saved a long swim, and stepping off the ferry I was blinded by the light, wow flashy lens flare and huge statue in the distance blocking out the sun!

Offloaded junk from bags, 5 gold lootboxes and even a sturdy key dropped, so now 4 lootboxes remain and Tsukuld is the proud owner of a tracking tome and some North Down rep items…Whoot!

The misdeeds will continue…


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