LOTRO: Misdeed 3, Screaming!

27 Feb


Tsukuld continues his misdeeds in Evendim… Irritating Goblins were stunned and then fried…only 270 of the annoying things hiding out in Tham Andalath…without a deed boost!


As featured in the GIF above this little Goblin is a SCREAMER! Actually annoyingly so…


‘throw another skull on the fire…’


A lot of toing and froing!


Punch for the moon…


It being Everswim there was some swimming done, here to get to Rushingdale, last part of the Wilds of Evendim Deed!

So Wilds of Evendim was done which needed me to head back to the Eavespires and wander into the wood troll infested Twisted Woods…


I of course picked up all available quests to edge closer to getting the Warden of Evendim Deed

Markers of the Sunken City

Not been to the city so was confused but the 1st three drop from Angmarims…


getting there slowly…

Slayer of Evendim

Half way…

The misdeeds of Tsukuld continue, hopefully Evendim will be wrapped this weekend!





One Response to “LOTRO: Misdeed 3, Screaming!”

  1. Silverangel February 28, 2015 at 09:25 #

    Gosh – I don’t know how many times I did that one. This really takes me back to nostalgia. You need Kergrim still. Stop slacking! (Maybe too high level yet.) And why aren’t you using Elven Adventuress UI so your deed log is pink for your dwarf girl. p.s. nice GIF skills.

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