LOTRO: Misdeed 5 Not an Epic Conclusion…

3 Mar


Tsukuld wrapped up Kergrim slayer but failed to capture the Epic conclusion screenshot, when this fires it always reminds me of Return of The Jedi, Emperors electrical attack without the awkward side effect that turns you stiff and unable to counter being picked up and thrown to your death!


Just missed those intense lightning blasts!

While wandering around in Annuminas Tsukuld almost accidently completed Markers of the Sunken City and The City of the Kings so that was the Explorer of Evendim deed wrapped that was!


Tsukuld has yet to wrap the Brutes from the North (Trolls), he is just over half way through the advanced deed by running back and forth along the Ariant bridge, I was expecting a multitude of hulks to zap but with only 40 and 80 respectively to kill the available 10 trolls in the area are sufficient. 4 on the bridge, 6 off the bridge to the west halfway along: 2 sleeping, 2 sitting, and 2 fighting. These 2 pugilists can be tricky, clear up soldiers around or they pile in and even though grey they still overwhelmed my puny RK.




Leaders of the Invasion was also started, but didnt find 2 leaders – missing  Siridán at Gwaelband and Unagh at Clorhir and not started the advanced version which entails running the 3 Evendim instances: Ost Elendil, Glinghant and Haudh Valandil completing…)


So the Evendim misdeeds will continue, one more day at least…



2 Responses to “LOTRO: Misdeed 5 Not an Epic Conclusion…”

  1. tomeoric March 3, 2015 at 17:00 #

    If you really want to capture the action screenshots, try using FRAPS to record some video. Then, use something like VLC media player to play the video, pause on a good spot, and have VLC take the screenshot. Great way to capture lightning storms in game, action skills, various emotes, etc.

    • tsuhelm March 4, 2015 at 06:47 #

      I would love to but I am pretty sure my wife’s compu would not handle it…but will investigate!

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