LEIBSTER: Lippy libby liberal leaning liberated LOTRO’ers licked libation.

10 Mar

Party Business Leibed me…? As grumpy at ‘WHY I GAME‘ pointed out its basically a chain letter, one which I think almost all bloggers I read have been liebsterd already and I am hoping that the Leibster bug is not getting too tedious… so will show restraint… just like my blog title… an example of ‘literation aint it!


Taking liberties with liebster award logo…


How did you get started blogging?

Was bored at work, already told off by the boss for wasting time with silly games so decided to start writing about playing games (in fact it was my 3rd attempt in a number of years to write something!)

What’s the origin of your blogger’s name?

Commander Tsunami was my first in game character, thanks to Elite! (Also made a mistake in translation see here)

What’s your favourite MMO character and why?

I have developed quite a penchant for my RK Tsukuld whom I have been playing rigorously of late but Tsuhelm my hunter on Windfola still has a tether to my heart, just wish the server was not so quiet, going back to solo play there is just too lonely compared to withy and an active guild as there is always a friend on even even during my weird play times.

What was your very first MMO character and why did you choose that race?

My first ever was Tsukate in FFXI … a Mithra, a just liked the idea of playing a cat woman, maybe too much Thundercats when growing up, too much Darkstalkers (Felicia) at the arcade or just that I liked cats (OPP- Naughty by Nature )

What’s the most fun class you ever played?

After coming to LOTRO I played my hunter almost for a year before really getting with MMO play and started up a champ and boy tis fun to line up a huge crowd of enemies and mow them all down at once.

If you could cut and paste your favorite games into one mega-ultra-super MMO, what would it look like?

I am old and still yearn for a digital D&D RP dungeon crawl, no landscape really needed just the core nature of leveling up as you descend deeper into the huge dungeon preferably with a die-hard group of friends and a DM that created story on the go to suit the actions of the group. (‘Moria’ squared with massive AI improvements in all areas.)

You can snap your fingers and visit any city in the world. Where are you?

CADIZ, Spain… Presently in Buenos Aires Argentina.

You’re on a desert island and only have one album, one movie, and one book. What are they?

Don Quixote (in Spanish), Subway (1985), Puccini’s Madam Butterfly (maybe I would regret this and become even more insane!)

What ability or skillset do you most admire in others but personally lack?

I love the ability to make a plan and stick to it, I am seriously lacking in the second part, in fact I come up with plans and plans, many of them so cunning you could stick a tail on em and call em foxes…but I very rarely put them into action or if I do, stick to it.

Are you a cat or dog person?

Cat (well see above but both cats and dogs like me!)

You can learn one language, in addition to those you already know, in a second. What language is it going to be?

I consider this quite often, my wife is intending to learn Italian so that would be nice but I reckon if I could learn it in a second I would learn Chinese I want to learn Japanese and Korean too. I learnt my second language late (Danish at tender age of 27) and it changed many of my perspectives on life, my third Spanish is sadly a slow ongoing project to my wife’s chagrin!

I will answer but not perpetuate… well OK if you want to take my QUIZ you are more than welcome 🙂

Multi-guess, read the word and answer quickly, tis silly …of course 🙂


Higher the score the closer you are to me…be scared be very scared!


2 Responses to “LEIBSTER: Lippy libby liberal leaning liberated LOTRO’ers licked libation.”

  1. tsuhelm March 18, 2015 at 07:57 #

    I also answered Planet Pasduil’s questions in his comments section 🙂


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