LOTRO the SHMUP! Mighty Tactical Shooter!

16 Mar

Not really a LOTRO SHMUP (That would be great!) but: Mighty Tactical Shooter (SockThuggery)


The Guardian featured this and at first I was shocked and then amazed at the possibility, will try to give the Alpha a go tonight when I get home 🙂

‘XCOM meets R-Type in this fiendish retro-themed shooter, which lets you plan out your attacks against waves of enemy fighters, using a range of weapons and evasive moves, before setting them into action and awaiting the computer’s fiery response. It takes a while to adjust your shoot‘em-up approach into a turn-based system, but it’s an intriguing challenge. You can even save out key battles as a seamless movie that plays the action in real-time.’




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