LOTRO: The Secret Diary Of Tsukuld RK, Misdeeds 13¾!

18 Mar

Tsukuld started the day in Hrimbarg, needed to get to the Warg killing fields in Bruinen Source East… so headed East and quickly found that was not the way so hopped to Gloin’s camp using Milestone skill. Not really on one leg…

Got to wondering about how to rationalize this in Middle Earth, rather than understand the actual MMO mechanic and the need to speed gameplay up.(I have a need for speed!’ – TOP GUN!) I have reached that milestone in game and if I so want it I can relive it at anytime. Likewise the SWIFT mount is a very special mount not that unlike the DeLorean from Back to The Future, in that it starts out as a normal horse, picks up speed and puff you arrive at your destination, horse slows to the stable. And the ‘normal’ stable mount is also quite amazing too, it gets you to your destination (almost always, the days of the stuck stable mount seem to be behind LOTRO.) but it is invulnerable to EVERYTHING, so much so that all and sundry mobs will ignore!

In LOTRO time is not relative, it is constant, slowly ticking away down the proverbial sink…whereas distance has become relative, relatively near and relatively far! You can travel the world of LOTRO in an instant if you so desire.

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld time is also another fascinating read, as is this discussion of how light travels over the disc. Just remember:  ‘…the entire DISC is MAGIC,…  … speed of light can sometimes be outpaced by sound?’ 

Anyway after getting to Gloin’s Camp where he pulled his contemplative head out of his existential arse, Tsukuld headed North.

A few Snow Beasts were killed along the way, the completion of the advanced slayer deed edging ever closer. Turning West before the infamous ‘stairs’ Tsukuld encountered the first few Wargs as he entered Eastern Bruinen Source, but he continued to his goal…the ice rink like Caldwell Pool. Here Tsukuld zapped his way to being halfway through the advanced slayer deed.


So how come Tsukuld has ¾ of a misdeed? Aha, as he also wrapped up the basic deed as well…that was another 100 Wargs.

He may have wrapped up if my own incompetence and the shoddy in-game store had not ended with a deed scroll for class skills not slayer deeds! Wasted 50TP!…

1 more day and should terminate Misty Mountains, will miss misdeeds from Moria and Eregion and go off to collect a war pony!

‘There’s only one thing more boring than listening to other people’s dreams, and that’s listening to their problems.’
― Sue Townsend, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 ¾

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