LOTRO: Upworthy motivational guardian hidesmyass from reddit!

19 Mar

I found myself sharing the following link with my team at work: Upworthy motivation

Food for thought… we don’t like carrots as much as we thought! And the stick NEVER works…

‘First, you gotta pay people enough that money is no longer an issue. Then they can actually focus on the work at hand. That’s where autonomy (our desire to be in charge of our own lives), mastery (our desire to get better at stuff), and purpose (our desire to make a difference) come into play.’

But can we apply this to gaming?


I think so…I am not playing LOTRO for any kind of physical reward, I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it and I can in LOTRO.


I want to get better at it, although it is not as tricky as it seems, I am still excited by the prospect of doing new stuff, indeed I hope to be able to get better at doing new stuff I encounter…


What is my purpose in playing… more difficult but playing with and helping others fits…


Someone not needing motivation…is the ‘Hide my ass’ creator Jack Cator.

The Guardian article HIGHLIGHTS: ‘Set up at 16 and turned over 11m pounds last year.’, ‘He built his first website aged 11. “It was something to do with BMX bikes or something silly like that.”’ (Nothing silly about BMX bikes…) and It’s taking place in the corporate boardroom of his groovy offices in Soho.’ and finally when he needed a lawyer‘So I posted it as a question on Reddit.’

Cya later Mr Cator
In a while crocodile


Its time to investigate Reddit…

Cleaning up reddit droppings

Ever ready bunny to Energizer bunny to durecell bunny! It just don't stop!

Ever ready bunny to Energizer bunny to durecell bunny! It just don’t stop!

Quite a few good LOTRO links to be perused:

/r/lotro (4502)

There even used to be a Kinship based on Withy consisting of Redditers, ‘The Reddhirrim’ looks dead sadly.

Good indepth TP grinder guide

Streaming LOTRO reddit

frog_mario_reddit_orig by_marcshort-d2xttja

Marc Short created the Original

So will hop off now…


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