LOTRO: My little war pony disappoints, leads to skirmish frenzy and WIPEOUT!

25 Mar


Rohan adventures continue, but did find out that Riders of Rohan is quite unlike Wipeout!

To start with Tsukuld wrapped up the Wold:


Nice warp point…


I can see where the Big Battle idea came from….


Checking out Watch Towers…Oh look the enemy…Are you just going to ignore him?

Tsukuld finally got his warhorse in Harwick and after wrapping the training/introduction instance decided that I would rather do some skirms to get missing RK lv75 class gear…

That is not a great start at all..


Controls are clunky as hell, I suppose if the sensation of trying to control a powerful warhorse was imbued that would be OK but it does not. In fact it induces no sense at all other than irritation.

I simply have no motivation to want to learn a whole new ‘driving’ game, which doesn’t exactly handle that smoothly.

And maybe the control would be forgivable if while riding the warhorse my RK was filled with awesome and insane powers, but the meagre rewards for my RK are 2 offensive skills and a raft of healing skills where the combat mechanic of charge at target and fire off skills, slow, turnaround and repeat… maybe it gets better but this introduction does not inspire at all… in fact it actually put me right off!

And I was excited…

Now I wonder if they could do a wipeout/lotro mounted combat fusion… the only driving game I have ever shone at!

So off to pick up RK lv75 gear from Dunland… skirmishing I went…

The Icy Cravasse was on sale and Supergirl of Lorien fast skirmish guide states that 15 meds per run were dropped and it being fast I chose to buy it only to find out that only 5 meds per run are rewarded… still I enjoyed the runs and was finding no real difficulty in completing on level.


Playing with fiery ball in icy crevice!

Did a couple of Tucky runs and Strikes against Dannenglore just to break up the monotony 🙂

Was happy to finally take down Seregruin…ON LEVEL… I think my game play has slightly improved, I am now using my morale bubbles at better times, and using my skills ROTS with a little more thought!

Ruingalad still needs to be taken down…but simply did not encounter…

And in my last run before work this morning got hammered by a Morreveil: Rimdeloth…? I have taken her down before quite easily…


500+k morale!!!!

Today I got a super boosted version to take on…500k morale! WTF! I had already done 2 encounters so was surprised she was hanging around…!

Pineleaf’s super in depth skirmish guide to Strike against Dannenglor.

Type: Morroval
Trigger: Fending off the counterattack at the Lower Courtyard control point.
Text: Screaming and scratching echo from the Main Courtyard.
Location: West of the ramp leading up to Swartclaw (11.9S, 55.2W).
Morale: 18,342

OK something is wrong here…I died 2 times before doing the research to realize that I would have to ignore and carry on…

Rohan what a carry on…

But LOTRO Players have a great 60 day VIP giveaway running, a chance to be VIP again…

Why not? That makes me want to carry on 🙂


2 Responses to “LOTRO: My little war pony disappoints, leads to skirmish frenzy and WIPEOUT!”

  1. taltoz March 26, 2015 at 03:05 #

    I completely forgot about this before but rohan has some barter gear that could be worth a look.
    Oh, and I’ll see what I can craft for you next time I log on.

    • tsuhelm March 26, 2015 at 04:07 #

      Oh you great kin leader…would be much appreciated 🙂

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