LOTRO: Like a virtue traited for the very first time!

27 Mar


Tsukuld was again in full skirmish swing-a-long this morning, couple of Tuckys, couple of Strike at Dennenglore and an icy crevice. I ended up in the Galtrev skirmish camp checking out jewelry, but didn’t find any replacements…will keep looking!

I did though check out my virtues/traits and having not messed with them for ages…really these have been slotted I think since HD!


Most of the RK virtue/trait guides I found are ridiculously outdated, from post U14 LOTRO changed a lot of stat effects in combat and I remember reading that mitigations became important, but could not find any evidence of this…

I did find on the forums an old recommendation for RK’s to slot: Justice, Fidelity, Zeal, Idealism and Loyalty. 1 outta 5 ain’t bad!

I found a very useful full guide to Virtues and Traits on the LOTRO WIKI


And finally, and lastly, I found out why everytime I tried to move my traits I got the deed pop up or  LOTRO store…it was driving me nuts and I thought it may be bugged BUT HaleElven had the answer on LOTRO forum:

‘Just in case there’s anyone else out there who is having trouble with equipping Virtue traits… Back when Helm’s Deep went live, and the process of equipping Virtues went from having to visit a Bard to being able to equip them in the Traits panel this has been a problem.

We have been trained to left click, drag and drop. However, doing this will open up the LotRO Store to buy more of the Virtue, or open your Deed log.  So, if you want to drag/drop, you have to manually close down those windows without releasing the left click (Ctrl+S and Shift+L, respectively).

Alternatively, one can forgo left clicking and simply right click. Right clicking an unequipped Virtue will automatically assign it to the first unequipped Virtue slot, and right clicking an equipped virtue will unequip it.’

So yet more stuff to play around with this weekend…

PLEASE if you have an opinion or advice about which traits/virtues Tsukuld should be using please add a comment below…


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