LOTRO: Mad Tsu and Familly

1 Apr

Madtsu is running through Ered Luin, started at lv16…and the advantages of being ‘on level’ (well ish) demonstrate themselves in the YELLOW champs ability to take out big crowds together…and on level can easily pick up a nice pack of cannon fodder by running by.

So first stop is to hop to house in Thorin’s Hall, grabbing dwarf exploration deed by simply running around Thorin’s Hall and using stable travel to get to Gondamon via all stops on the way…(See basic guide at bottom of post for more details)

Next Thrasi’s lodge and here I diverge from the normal Ered Luin TP run in that I decide to take out hendroval and dwarf bandits now. My mad champ does not let me down and soon slices his way through the 2 slayer deeds, (it felt like I spent longer trying to find a rabbit in a trap!)


So onward to the beginning, Celondim, simple quests and grey mobs… but by the Vineyard Gobs are green and queue up to be slaughtered:

ScreenShot00116 ScreenShot00117

And in Duillond the gobs are still green, only just and quickly fall to mad sword swipes:

ScreenShot00118ScreenShot00120 ScreenShot00121ScreenShot00122

Gordamon and time to complete wolf slaughter, there is a small wold den on top of the hill just outside the North gate (follow cliff to right and then head back along cliff top to find it… round them up and KILL!


That wolf bit through me!


Here is a You Tube vid of a champ with about a 70 mob pull!


And now for something completely different…

During my travels on Withy I take screenies of other Familly kin members I bump into:


2 kinnies serendiptious extreme!


CEBU always has an alt in the AH!


Taltoz shared 5 pages from the forgotten inn Journal of Captain Rabghul for 5tp and 20 meds which I needed for my last piece of armour 🙂


Taltoz helped with my mark and med problem by running Tsukuld through some BB’s…                   If u build it Tsu will use it!


Basically all I did while doing the BB’s, I thought I was doing ok until I realized that Taltoz was also killing stuff with a ballista! Really they should give a kill report at the end!

You have arrived at the BOTTOM!

As I stated above I would include the guide to Ered Luin I use for TP grinding…


Am in the process of optimizing as I still spend too long doing this run, over 2 hours!





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