LOTRO: Mad TP grind Shire Part 2

8 Apr


Madtsu is running the Shire for TP, yes this is part 2 as am missing the screenshots for the part 1 (Buckland to Shire, wolves and flies deeds)… This is no speedy TP run as I am trying to grab every single TP possible which means doing quests, and hobbit quests are to be honest rather irritating! I didn’t intend to, when I started, but I will try to finally try to complete a Pie deed run, I have never ever completed it on any char during 3 years of play and I think I have  about 15 alts (4 servers) all over level 20! I must be mad…well this char is MadTsu McMad!


Finds stage plays with big firework!


Slug slaying: honest more buzzing flies r killed than slugs!


Kneel down before me evil dwarves!


Oh silly Sally dilly dallying around. Such a silly billy although not a goat but a sow!

U16 has pet sheep, here practice of having a pet pig…

With TP generated in Bree and Ered Luin finally bought Forochel, now trying to get 1 more quest pack while the 20% sale is on in the store…

The grind continues..maybe I bring you part 1 tomorrow and also part 3 if your really lucky!



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