LOTRO: Swift to ANGRY!

16 Apr

Tsuchump is warg breakfast…NOT!

Tsuchump is in the North Downs, East of Esteldin, AoE killing machine can wrap up some tedious class quests on the nice green mobs. He has wrapped up the Hillmen Enmity killing deeds and the Warg enmity III and serendipitously can do the advanced warg slayer deed for North Downs to do as well!

He had not been here and is starting the area from scratch, so taking all and sundry quests as well…

A slight hiccup to my plans reared its head, when I noticed after the first morning of Hillman slaughter that the Swift Stroke deed (champs) was not counting… Even hindered by the pet slaying auto farming event taking place in the vicinity I was easily able to get the 1st hillmen enmity and half of the advanced enmity done and not a single swift stroke count added…I was using a 2* skill and class deed boost as well…

I sent a support ticket and TURBINE replied next day that a GM would contact me next day.

Next day no contact and still no count…after investigating I found out that only VIP can actually call for GM help in game so I replied to support ticket… they replied again the next day…GM work from 10am until 1am (no time zone was given!) but I reckon US time is most likely and I have yet to log on during those times…they also suggested I try doing the deed in another Trait specialization…

So the next morning I switched to RED line…DPS… and lo and behold swift attack started to count again…back to AoE and OH it STOPS! So stuck in red line…great for solo killing but not so useful for slayer deed slaughter… oh well I can sense another deed and class skill being used this weekend…

Meanwhile anniversary event has started, 8 years of LOTRO:) what awesome gifts TURBINE are giving away. Daily log in rewards with a token and some xp. I can tell my hobbit present receivers may be leveling soon. Will do a daily run with Tsukuld for some XP (letters and quests, and fireworks, night permitting!) and spend tokens on I have no idea as nothing is needed or wanted…I think I have all the maps (if you don’t have GET as the Cartographer deed is a very nice TP bonus for all chars generated!)

And in Landy: Tsudyrt has taken a very small step in getting active again… he started killing giants and worms in Trollshaws… he is OP and with archer is a nice 5 min daily activity.


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