LOTRO: Tower of Behemoth

21 Apr


U16 will be adding pet cats…

Not Behemoth from ‘Master and Margarita’  «Ма́стер и Маргари́та» by Mikhail Bulgakov.

‘Woland addressed Margarita, ‘I present to you my retinue. This one who is playing the fool is the cat Behemoth…’

Or a Behemoth pet of biblical proportions either: from JOB 40:15-24

‘Look at Behemoth,
which I made along with you
and which feeds on grass like an ox.
What strength it has in its loins,
what power in the muscles of its belly!
Its tail sways like a cedar;
the sinews of its thighs are close-knit.
Its bones are tubes of bronze,
its limbs like rods of iron.’

Or  the Behemoth that appears in John Milton’s Paradise Lost (Book VII 470–472):

‘Scarce from his mould
Behemoth biggest born of earth upheaved
His vastness: Fleeced the flocks and bleating rose’

CAT – Tsu

‘Cosmetic cat, maybe.
Crappy cat, could be.
Cosmic cat, should be.
Fat Freddy’s cat, wont be!’



If I ever do get a pet cat I will have to call it ‘Behemoth’…


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