LOTRO: Dali for a day!

5 May


Thanks to THINKING PLAY for nominating me for the CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD:

‘If there’s any such thing as a creative blogger it has to be Tsu, the Salvador Dali of LOTRO blogging’

WOW I just got compared to Dali and that dropped me to the floor!

‘Dalí was highly imaginative, and also enjoyed indulging in unusual and grandiose behavior. His eccentric manner and attention-grabbing public actions sometimes drew more attention than his artwork, to the dismay of those who held his work in high esteem, and to the irritation of his critics.’


‘TSU is highly imaginative, and also enjoys indulging in LOTRO and blogging behavior. His eccentric manner and mind bending postings sometimes draw more attention than his gaming content, to the dismay of those who hold his work in some kind of esteem, and to the irritation of critics…’

And to be honest I am easily distracted, and over stimulated and with no-one to please but myself… leads many times to blogging anarchism… and can be messy and off topic…even weird… I don’t think I can stop doing it though 🙂Surreal Elephants

I wonder what Dali would have made of all this digital decadence?


AND how does this award work, trivia this time then more chain lettering…

Five Possibly Interesting Facts About Me

1 I do not drive!

Which is strange. My dad was a car fanatic! At age of 10 I had two and a half years on a farm in Scotland and I learnt to ride a scrambler over hills, as well as an Argocat (similar steering to a tank I have been told) and fork lifter! Outboard driven boats and under strict supervision the speedboat too! But when offered to drive the Land Rover around the field I was scared shitless and always declined… in later life I always managed to live in big cities with good (ish) public transport… now my wife keeps suggesting I learn (get a licence) and yet for some reason I do not want to! I am not a big fan of driving games, but I surprised mates when I did really well in a go-cart competition entered in jest: I spun off in the final!

2 Crime in Spain OR Stupid Drunk Person!

I love SPAIN and I would willingly get blindly drunk again after celebrating my return to Cadiz, after a trip to the Mediterranean, after falling asleep (with almost all travel possessions) on a park bench in the middle of the night to wake up with a lighter burden to carry and an incredible hangover! (Macbook, camera, Gameboy DS, passport, and clean clothes, including a very nice designer cream jacket all donated to the Spanish underworld!)

(A long time ago, drunk again in a bar in CPH I put my new tailored ¾ length Armani Coat on a pretty Greenlander girl, it walked away cutely into the night…  pockets contained an iplayer and canon ixus!)

I drink only wine in moderation these days!

3 I burnt down my parents bookcase at the age of 4!

Playing with matches is dangerous and my parents suspected me of becoming a pyromaniac at an early age. The enflamed bookcase was close to killing us all! Toasted sandwiches on homemade bonfire on an expensive afghan rug at a friend’s house didn’t help. I have so far managed to resist my firebug tendencies, although I love a good bonfire and learnt very quickly how to get the ‘parilla’ (Argentinian barbeque) going: although cooking on it is a skill I have yet to master!

4 Impaled on scissors!

I once fell off a wall carrying a pair of scissors: I managed to jam the scissors so hard into my jaw (through my cheek) the doctor was too scared to pull them out… I have a small scar inside my cheek!

5 Fifteen seconds of Fame…

I was quizzed as part of an Argentinian TV show on the way home from work: my crap Spanish didn’t pass so an attractive assistant was called in to question me in English, only adding to my embarrassment… I had no clue to the answer and this worked out well as the contestant won more money because of it!


Avaruussuo: Finnish and very creative blogging, lots of Photo stuff but important to me, every so often chucks out some landscape screenies that amaze…must be the photographic eye!

The Wandering Tales has gone really quiet of late and I really miss the super colourful screenies so if an influx of readers wants to incentivize… I will be more than happy 🙂

The Last Huntress of The Dreadward Tribunal and In the World Lived a woman: (2 for the price of 1!) I must admit in my busy RW life I do not always get the chance to read all of the great LOTRO fan fiction here but I love it just the same …and the screenies are cool too!

Wandering around Arda will always get my vote for being creative, creative with costuming in LOTRO as well as screenshotting the awesome results. Maybe a little elfy at times but always ideas to steal 🙂

Ding!: A recent find of mine and a general gaming blog that struck me as very professional from the outset, layout clean, appropriate visuals and good writing: so creative got picked up to write online…I hope the blog keeps going as well


6 Responses to “LOTRO: Dali for a day!”

  1. Pasduil May 5, 2015 at 12:59 #

    This is rapidly becoming the Spanish crime meme! Though it does seem that it you are awake and paying attention you are pretty safe.

    The tale of how you’ve gone from Armani coats, Med cruises and Macbooks to barely being able to stretch to a LOTRO sub must be an intriguing one. Or possibly not, cos as I can identify to a degree!

    Btw I didn’t acquire a driving license til my 30s and hardly drive. Should you want cheering on in your efforts learning to drive, or alternately cheering on in your efforts to resist learning, just say the word! 🙂

    Strangely, and I can hardly believe it myself, lately I’ve started wondering if a motorbike might not be a bad idea.

    • tsuhelm May 5, 2015 at 13:08 #

      LOL: clothing became unimportant after wife and 2 kids in Argentina with 30+% inflation….i do have a modicum of luxury…got my own swimming pool!

  2. Adrian May 5, 2015 at 22:54 #

    Nice one Tsu, and well deserved! Keep on posting these mind bendingly refreshing posts!

  3. Jussi Laasonen May 6, 2015 at 14:01 #

    Thank you for nominating me but, unfortunately, I have decided to have an award-free blog. Many like blog awards, but personally I am not that comfortable with participating in them. To give some trivia back, I will describe what kind LotRO player I am.

    I play quite sporadically, mostly during holidays, and usually in a small fellowship with close friends. My main motivation for playing is the Lord of the Rings theme and possibility to take part in the epic story, but I have little interest in raiding or kinship activities. I am a completionist trying to do all the quests in an area before moving on, which makes my progress pretty slow and I have to yet reached Gondor.

    • tsuhelm May 6, 2015 at 14:09 #

      Thanks for replying, that is sufficient participation 🙂

      I am also quite skeptical of the award in itself but I do like any tool that spreads the word on interesting sites… a complete believer in diversity…

      I am a semi-completionist and slow LOTRO player… part of the reason I like the game is that you are able to do your own thing whatever that may be!

      I look forward to your next great screen shot blog 🙂


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