LOTRO: My little fishy Rohan war pony adventures

14 May

Dancing Scout…must be on drugs!


An Orc with a FISH! That’s really FISHY! I must investigate!


Bound to a pole, this merchant was lucky not to have been impaled on it! Nice Orcs, they even let me walk through their camp to the rescue!


Randy goings on at the farm….


DO I tell the truth or lie…oh dilemmas! Tsukuld, “Your Randy daughter ran off with Randy.” I was half expecting the dad to admit that he suspected and its all OK! NO…he plans to put a stop to any more RANDINESS!


The AI of the enemy is bad but the NPC’s AI is non existent…look folks an enemy mob…no no problem…Tsukuld will kill it as its only attacking me not the helpless incompetent NPC’s!


DING 82…actually mounted on my little war pony!


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