LOTRO: East ROHAN ALL quests so FAR! Part 1…

19 May

Middle Earth, in this world can be found The Wold East Rohan, here lives The Thane of Langhold who knows that Salamanders Hate Fire and that Slithering Too Near to fire will inflame their Venomtongues.

The Thane also enjoys A Game of Brigand-bashing which requires An Unnerving Display of Confidence and helps reduce Crime at the Farmlands and keeps in check The Brigands of the Wold

The River Watch Patrol has formed An Unsettling Alliance with the Easterlings at the Undeep as A Greater Enemy gives rise for Reason for Alarm, as predicted War Comes to Rohan!

To prevent Devastation in the North requires many to undertake the Mounted Combat Tutorial. Entailing, firstly Riding Against Flies and Eliminating the Noise-makers, then picking Marsh-reeds and terminating with the slaughter of many Corrupted Salamanders.

Spreading the Corruption are Relics from the Dead. GO and Meet Harding who is On Notice! A Friend in a Sea of Distrust
Prowling in the Fields, The Stinging Bog killing Winged Pests while Swarming the Nests.

Then while Assessing Fang Point kill Mother of the Pack by Trimming the Claws and feeding them to Scouts of the Enemy.

Pushing Back their Advance by using Prisoners of Olghakhósh to the fore, Leading the Advance to Quench the Flames as they are Fire-starters, funky instigators of prodigious fame. Then Snuff out the Flame quick as to better Aid for the Refugees who need to find Riches Left To Rot.

Refugees: Foodstuffs of Langhold Down Payments are Welcome to Harwick. The Riders Four are also On Notice! The Reeve of the Wold would use Five Against the Wold but not Tempting Fate sends a Report to Twickenburg detailing the Source of the Corruption.

Leaving the Rest for the Unrest while Warding Off the Coming Darkness releases a Flock of Spies whose Feathers of the Flock are plucked…becomes the Flock That Ran Afoul.

Continuing Onwards to Floodwend  where The Many Opinions of Floodwend lead to A Worksite Overrun by a Matron of the Howling Wood providing Trophies of the Hunters to the huntedCleansing the Wold of Warg-packs and Machines of War while Orchestrating the Siege for War-mongering Slaves to continue Stealing from the Enemy and eventually Leading Floodwend’s Demise But the Plans of the Assault are found and defence to Report to North-torr as Floodwend Besieged then next To East Wall, and then To Elthengels.

To be continued…

All Quests taken from LOTRO WIKI :


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