LOTRO: All East Rohan Quests pt3…

21 May

ScreenShot00024No LOTRO at all today, withdrawal symptoms kicking in already!

All East Rohan Quests part 3 (part 2)(part1)

Expedition to the East Wall where Searchers, for An Eye for the Foe that had risen Above His Station, received Recent Glory.

Landscape mystery where the Blood-stained Tree – ends and the Blood-stained Tree – starts are Arrows of Elf-make.

Fortifying Grog is found within Reach of the Grave and drunk!

An Account from Beneath the Earth – ended badly.

Side Passages are explored, A Glow in the Corners illuminated by inflamed Leaders from Moria
Isteron’s Friends out For Glory and Coin planned A Reunion for A Captive Friend; being Short of Stature, Great in Deed and in need.

But first more pressing are Hestil’s Suggestion to tackle the Dogs of Evil.

The West Option explored for A Common Cause lead to the Slopes of Amon Hen and the Long-awaited Sight of big statues.

Out in the Open those Words of Encouragement are not Something Left Behind indeed Vengeance for Elthengels, repeatable, daily as it should be!

Warband: Haglob, Warband: Skútog, and Warband: Swertríper roam unmolested, a Vestige of the Fallen, The People of Elthengels start Rallying a Militia to make An Overwhelming Order but fail.

After Mending Wounds of The Unruly Stallion our hero bades a Sudden Farewell and takes A Dangerous Road, off Exploring the Ancient Tomb.

After Purging the Ancient Tomb of An Obstructive Foe is offered A Fair Bargain or A Raw Deal, chooses The Enduring Menace and all cry that The Merchant Gone Missing, to be found in Mauhúr’s War-camp.

Hunting the Warbands leads to Trouble to the West where A Game of Hiding has Dislodged something, Something Fishy!

A Familiar Keepsake is found by The Tower by the Stream, Savage Intruders are defeated aided by A Savvy Assistant, The Arrogant Huntsman.

An End to Âmbal was The Work of a Huntsman claiming Athelward’s Bounty after using the Blades of the Rebels to gain Capital Earnings.

to be continued…


3 Responses to “LOTRO: All East Rohan Quests pt3…”

  1. taltoz May 21, 2015 at 15:11 #

    What ???
    Your not playing LOTRO at the exact same time when all the great secret special offers are available 😒
    Hurry up and get back in the good books…..

    • tsuhelm May 21, 2015 at 15:13 #

      What special offers?

      • taltoz May 21, 2015 at 15:17 #

        I can’t say, they’re a secret 😈

        Nah.. Just messing with you buddy. No special offers but hell you replied fast 😝
        See ya soon ingame ..

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