LOTRO: EVE has past for now, now morning LOTRO

27 May
Dark tower_line

another dark tower doodle


After a week of discussion(LOTRO held hostage!) my gaming timetabling has been finalized…

Monday to Thursday: morning free for LOTRO: before work 1 to 1.5hrs

1 evening (after kids tucked away) wife permitting free for LOTRO: 2 to 3 hours

Friday and weekends: sleep in, possibility depending on kids and wife for another afternoon or evening session:2 to 3 hours!

My old routine netted me: 5-7.5 hours weekdays, 4-6 hours weekends a range of 9-13.5 hours.

It also left my pretty knackered by the weekend; prone to attacks of uncontrollable sleep attacks while watching TV with wife. The kids of late had been cutting short my weekend early play sessions.

New routine should net: 6-9 hours weekdays and 2-3 hours at the weekend: 8-12 hours… A LOSS of 1 hour…

This new schedule should create more quality time with the wife, I will again get to enjoy weekend sleeping in with wifey (note to self: must find a way of getting kids to entertain themselves for first hour or 2 on weekends! Used to be my job to entertain while wife slept in – now that can be shared!) My only doubt, and its a doozy, is whether I will get the evening session and weekend session as promised! If I could just get a whole afternoon free for a mega session of LOTRO at the weekend I would be much, much happier!

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