EVE: PLEXing for Charity…

28 May

Scott Manley, I wonder if that’s a real name! His accent reminds me of home which is odd as I am a half Welsh Yorkshireman but is indicative of the lovely diverse nature of British life 🙂 Here an EVE player demonstrating his humanitarian side in RW while maintaining his hard-boiled in game persona!

And here is a nice vid on things to know before starting:

Good stuff, as soon as I can I will be tinkering with settings to try and run again on my wife’s computer…before my 30 day trail ends… I am also contemplating trying to get my original char created 7 years ago and forgotten unfrozen by contacting support…

And finally another EVE guide for getting started for beginners…

Crossing my fingers will be getting into EVE soon…not in the biblical sense of course that would really piss my wife off and probably if did survive I would not be able to play any game for quite some time let alone be allowed to play….


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    4th EVE blog post…now there is order in the blogoverse!

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