LOTRO: PORTAL found! Its in the Game!

28 May


Tsukuld is back and continues his thorough exploration of Rohan… oddly since arriving in Entwash Vale I don’t think he has even mounted his little war pony once…

SO Tsukuld arrived in Eaworth  – which in my mind of being brought up with EA games sounds like EA worth, and a jingly ‘its in the game ‘floats through my head…

Tsukuld chases down the floating golden rings over NPCs for their diverse quests and while chasing a toy sword, that’s eaten by a dog, stolen by an orc and seemingly eaten by a drake! So obviously time to explore Wyrmdelf, unexplained yellow treasure hunter that cannot be attacked is just inside whereas his mates are paired up throughout the lair and are quite kill-able, indeed Tsukuld always likes for his enemies to be standing close together, so he can throw a flaming rock there way, followed up with a cloud of fire and ice grenade before going into his normal rotation…

Landscape quests were picked up to to kill 8 drakes and break 15 eggs, and a deed was rewarded for finding all hatcheries. Getting to the top of Wyrmdelf, exits onto Fang Tor (for the where evil dwells deed) and Tsukuld got to take down the Wyrm-father!

Ok back to EAworth…or not, end up entering the Wódfen…landscape quest for killing salamanders and crebain, there are plenty of crebain to be quickly taken out in small flocks. Finally an undead dungeon to explore… another deed to find 13 rooms, I missed 3 and spent quite some time floating around to find it. Another point of interest are the ‘Locked Chests’ (creatures) not an ode to FF’s Mimics, which are killed for XP! They also mess up TAB targeting… but why the hell are they here?


I wonder how dangerous that chest is?


Target the Draug not the chest…IDIOT!

There is also a PORTAL at the end of the dungeon that does…er NOTHING…


Wonders where it goes…or what comes through it…from the stains I am guessing purple people eaters!

I found out later when I got back to EAworth to find my LOOT overflow full of Dark Talismans…an item which when used starts a quest…also a dagger quest item that requires Tsukuld to head back to the Wyrmdelf!

No time for backtracking…yet…onwards ever onwards…the end for East Rohan is still far away…

But first ..time to continue helping out EA Worth…

Its in the Game!


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    […] And oddly enough the settings for most of the video are still fresh in my mind as they are for the most part to be found in East Rohan. Indeed the portal is as mentioned in the post I just made: PORTAL FOUND! Its in the Game! […]

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