Mr. Robot: Wot the F**K a TV review?

29 May

Mr. Robot: What a surprise this show was…I was GOBSMACKED. Hackers, hoodies, drugs, conspiracies, sticking it to corporate greed… all trumpet calls in this time of anarchy that we live in. High production levels, great acting, good sound, and even a great soundtrack…


F**K it


Blogging is that social media…who gives a f**k!

The F word being used so fcuking well…oh I have that old tshirt from French Connection…


The Matrix


Follow the rabbit hopped into my head as Elliot is led off the metro by Mr. Robot.

A nod to Matrix quite possible as this show proved very well written, knowing even… I wonder if any of the writers were or are hackers…? Hackers! Yeah the inoffensive term as explained in Bruce Sterling’s– ‘The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier’ ( A book I highly recommend – dated, maybe?)

Reality versus Not Reality


E corporation explain as misrepresented as EVIL corporation but after this is always mentioned as EVIL by all characters…

E’s get a bashing…oh dear the Shamen’s Ebeneezer Goode tune just popped into my head…

Are we really in Elliot’s head, are we starting to see the world as he does…the fourth wall breaking dialogue serves only to reinforce this…OMG is this a digital Fight Club!



The best line of the show was when Elliot dropped himself in it with his therapist Kristi…and then quickly explained the error to us!

The therapist has for me as much potential as that of Jennifer Meli in the Sopranos. A device in which the differences between reality and Elliot’s world view can be dissected and explained to us, let us hope it does not get too patronizing!

Big Eyes


Elliot’s eyes – on screen somehow become manga sized.

Rami Malek does an exceptional job of the outsider the eponymous black hoody anarchist hacker, cool but not too sleazy indeed very reminiscent of ‘A Girl with a Dragon tattoo’ thanks again Niels Arden.

Mr. Robot


Played by Christian Slater, why is Slater cool, I was checking his old films and nothing jumps up at me as to my placing a halo of coolness over him…he just is I suppose, my internal filtering of uncool just slide right off him! Watching this series could end up being a truly romantic experience…

The Code


From a tech point of view I am really unsure of the visual presentation of the server attack but the coding looks plausible… and for once characters were not seen typing at superhuman speeds… I presume the writers did their homework as there are enough digs at non tech savvy leaders of tech departments to not open themselves up for ridicule… Worked for me but I know nothing! The matrix green code worked as no-one could understand it, I am sure hackers and tech heads will be looking at this and nodding in agreement or cursing yet another stupid screen iteration…if the latter the more popular the series the louder it will get!

The Music

Beethoven and Neil Diamond

The soundscape created is constantly appropriate and choice music pics are obscure yet appropriate. Near the end ‘If You Go Away’ by Neil Diamond is played, er I wont take the hint I think I am here to stay!



SO I will willingly swallow whatever pill this show throws at me to see more, then we’ll see, that it is not the show that bends, it is only ourselves.











a wink to Recollections of Play


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