LOTRO: My Invisible Little Pony!

1 Jun

I did not get much LOTRO play, my hoped for afternoon of gaming came to nought so managed to get a late Saturday night of gaming which my early bird mentality couldn’t handle, I was passing out at the keyboard… so 1 n half hours of LOTRO in 3 days and I am pretty sure my wife owes me at least 3 hours of game time but I am also quite sure she does not see it that way. Will keep my fingers crossed that I get an evening this week to catch up big time…

Tsukuld continued wrapping up in Eaworth, in the mead hall he got to parley with the Reeve before stealing his throne for lunch:

ScreenShot00031 ScreenShot00034 ScreenShot00033

After lunch it was time to ride out and kill some Orcs… it was some time since Tsukuld had been mounted on his little war pony but he was not expecting them to turn invisible:


No strategy was needed to dispatch Mounted Orcs around the camp, luckily as Tsukuld flailed around hopelessly on his mount…Then the action was taken into the Orc camp on foot, again quite easy… all said and done back into camp and after handing in some tasks dinged level 84:



Then to visit the Reeve’s son, who was injured in the action, you can tell this NPC was under the weather his golden ring was halved:


And I left the action with the arrival of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse:



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